Our patent-pending, proprietary software is designed exclusively for Apple’s iOS technology and allows our team to develop native applications for the iPad. A native app is a program that has been developed and designed for use on a particular device and specific operating system. It is locally installed on the mobile device as a stand alone app. And unlike a web app, it does not require an Internet connection or browser to run.

Our software takes full advantage of the iPad’s industry-leading features. First and foremost, the iPad uses Apple’s iOS Operating System, which is considered to be the most advanced mobile OS running on any mobile device. Other features include a vivid display for images, high-resolution audio and video, animation, networking and geolocation. Native apps, like the DMOSalesApp and our other MeetingsFinder products, allow users to access all of the iPad’s capabilities, providing an intuitive and productive tool for use in the field or classroom.

Our team utilizes a set of pre-defined templates along with design files provided by your marketing department to ensure that each native app is designed to focus solely on YOU. Your content, your images, your videos are all embedded directly into the native app which is then installed on your mobile device. MeetingsFinders integrated set of frameworks and modules are designed to be customizable and configured to fit the requirements of any company. Maintenance and updates can be made quickly and efficiently to these modules at any time via our Remote Update Capability. Once the adjustments are in place, a new app is constructed, reviewed and deployed to your devices.