Apple’s iOS Dominating In Enterprise Usage

Good Technology analyzed device activation’s and enterprise applications for mobile devices from April to September this year. It found that Apple AAPL +0.73% picked up some share in both smartphone and tablet activation’s and iOS dominates enterprise apps. Good found that there are over 1,000 custom enterprise apps built using its technology, an increase of 52% from the previous quarter. Secure mobile app activation’s increased 42% quarter over quarter, which indicates enterprises are leveraging the devices their employees have. iOS dominated as the platform of choice for enterprise app deployment with 98% and 95% share in the June and September quarters, respectively. iOS leads Android by over 2 to 1 in total device activation’s. Good saw a 60% increase in device activation’s from a year ago with iOS accounting for 72% vs. Android at 27% in the September quarter. iOS’ share increased slightly from 69% in the June quarter while Android’s fell from 30%. Windows share was 1% in each quarter.