Accounting software startup Xero ditches HTML5 in favor of native iOS and Android apps

Supporters of HTML5 for mobile were dealt a significant blow when Facebook u-turned and began developing native apps last year. Now another company is hedging its bets after accounting software maker Xero gave up on Web apps for mobile claiming that the development was resource intensive and difficult. Xero’s tone is softer than that of Facebook — founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said famously said ”betting completely on HTML5 is one of the, if not the biggest strategic mistake we’ve made” — although the Xero blog post is titled ‘Making mobile work’, which inherently suggests that Web apps don’t work. The company explains that, though it will continue to use HTML5 for its core app, forgoing the traditional route of native iOS and Android apps has not been the success story that it anticipated when it made the decision one year ago.