About Us

The DMOSalesApp is backed by over 20 years of successful experience in travel and tourism. As a sister company to MeetingsFinder, LLC., a professional meetings marketing and consulting agency, our technology division was in pursuit of new and innovative ways to introduce future trends and technology to our destination partners and clients. After introducing a myriad of forward thinking solutions over the past decade, the founder of MeetingsFinder had a keen eye on the ever-changing market and knew that mobile would revolutionize the way we do business – thus software for the MeetingsFinder platform was born.

Over two decades, we have established a track record of success over a myriad of mediums including print, digital, online and mobile. With an extensive client list that spans local and international clients including: Visit Carlsbad, The Ritz-Caarlton Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Orange Capital Management, and more than 20 destination marketing organizations: (including Birmingham, Bloomington, Houston, Memphis, Palm Springs, Providence and more.) Our combined experience in business development, sales and marketing, graphic design and most importantly, enterprise level software development, has made MeetingsFinder an unstoppable and highly sought-after force.

Today, MeetingsFinder Software is a leading developer of native iPad applications that transform traditional destination marketing strategies into experiential environment on the iPad. With our attention focused on two thriving industries – sales and education – we used our proprietary software to develop a technology platform that is transforming the way destinations sell and engage with professional planners. The applications take full advantage of Apple’s iOS technology, meaning your apps will run quickly (without an Internet connection) and showcase your destinations photos, videos, floor plans, restaurants, venues and more in the extraordinary high resolution environment of the iPad.